Kasi Hive Projects


  • The Health Application (PHILA) – A Digital online Booking system for public Clinics. **

    Please note this Mobile Application: Idea, Development steps, and Operation processes have been Patented, Trademarked and Copyrighted.                         


Read more about PHILA the Health App here: Website still under construction.


  • The Agri-Application (eMarketCommunity)- This is a Digital online Market Place for Farmers. **Please note this Mobile Application: Idea, Development, and Operation processes have been Patented, Trademarked and Copyrighted.
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Read more about the eMarketCommunity App here: https://www.facebook.com/AgricApp-Eyethu-vegetable-garden-1214880675192144/ , and  http://www.emarketcommunity.com/


  • The Mapping Project – This is a Database of Community assets, we are Mapping a Community with categories of what is available within to make it easier and accessible for external use and research. **Please note this Web-based Application: Idea, Development and Operation processes have been Patented, Trademarked and Copyrighted.


view the Map here: http://diepslootmap.org.za/



  • The DKH-Agri-Garden, Here we are growing, planting and producing a variety of Crops such as Spinach, Cabbage, Onions, Carrots, Beetroots, Green Beans, Chomolia-Cale, and Tomatoes, we are actually doing this and planning for Commercial purposes.
  • **Please note All rights of this Project are reserved by the Diepsloot Kasi Hive Board of Directors.


read more about this project here: https://www.facebook.com/AgricApp-Eyethu-vegetable-garden-1214880675192144/



  • Community News Publication for communities identified. The Media Division is working hard to make the First Print and the Launch, as we have all been anticipating. This project is able to recruit and employ about 500 people by Dec 2020, Your contribution, support, and participation are highly appreciated in this manner.
  • **Please note this Project: Idea, Designs, and Development processes have been Trademarked and Copyrighted.


read more about this here: https://www.facebook.com/Kasihive/TownshipNews , Website still under construction.




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